More Than Design

more than design is not only about interior designing.

Our studio provides professional support in design and arrangement for private and public spaces.

Moreover, we also specialize in home-staging – a service of preparing private residences for sale or rent.

Each project is firstly carefully researched, prepared and then worked on in detail. We make sure the final design is both functional and comfortable.

We believe that human well-being and actions depend on natural environment, that is why we pay special attention to finding and recommending the right ecological materials. Interior designing is a complex process which combined with engagement and heartfelt passion produces unique and coherent designs.

Our mission is to create space which reflects our clients' preferences but most of all, their lifestyles. We take special pride in providing perfectly harmonious and balanced interiors to make you feel happy.

More than Design is much more than a design!

Price list

Up to 45 m2
30 EUR/m2
ready design in 3 weeks
46 - 80 m2
25 EUR/m2
ready design in 4 weeks
81 - 120 m2
23 EUR/m2
ready design in 6 weeks
121 - 180 m2
20 EUR/m2
ready design in 8 weeks

Stages of the designing process

Introductory meeting

Getting to know each other and working through the details, schedule and preliminary budget. It is a non-binding meeting.


After presenting the quotation and accepting the terms and conditions by both parties we sign the contract.

Visiting the location

We measure and photograph all relevant spaces.

Schematic design

We present two concepts of 2D explorations of the space. After consulting and adjusting the final project is ready.

Conceptual design

We present the project with drawings and 3D visualizations which include form, color and concept. This stage is about selecting the details such as: materials or fabric.

Construction documentation

It is the final phase of the project. It documents on paper the total work which is to be commenced and completed.

Installation inspection

It is the final stage during which things are built and installed. On request, the overseeing of the construction can be carried out by our studio.

Additional Services

Designer supervision

Cost: 70% of cost of the design
  • Purchase control
  • Selecting contractors
  • Work schedule supervision
  • Final approval of contstruction
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Individual consulting

Cost: 375 EUR
  • Meeting with a client
  • Conceptual draft
  • Functional design
  • Coloristic design
  • Decorative materials selection
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On-line designing

Cost: 25 EUR/m2
  • technical drafting
  • 3d visualization
  • Materials selection
  • Cost estimate
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